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We Focus On Churches

We are Local Church Centered.

Being Local Church Centered means this to us: We exist to be an extension of the local church, to serve your needs, to be your resource, to facilitate what might not be possible at your location so that you can be even more successful in the ministry your church provides.

While we know that we it’s not possible to be everything to everyone, we work hard to serve each group we work with in partnership; finding a shared and mutual return and benefit for each other. Through our partnerships, we serve hundreds of churches, over 1,000 volunteers and over 3,200 campers each summer.


Discipleship Happens Through Long Term Relationships

We know that long term results happen in relationship (like small groups, life groups, bible studies, etc.) ever more so than in a great worship session. Inspiration, motivation, empowerment…a keynoter can give those, but the real change comes when a student is able to unpack all of those things and discover how God’s word relates personally.

It’s for that exact reason that we want your local faith community to be a role in camp. Bring all of your students together, to one week, at one site. They will be in cabins with one another and sharing with one another. When camp is over, the conversations they had, the ideas, the changes they hope to make…their friends are there with them and can provide accountability and encouragement to sustain those efforts back at home.


Youth Pastors & Volunteers Are Welcome Here

This is a place that encourages you to attend camp with your students. You most likely have some amazing youth coaches and volunteers at your church. All qualified volunteers are with with the students 24/7 throughout the experience helping to make a week at camp more than just fun and adventures.

Your team will be doing life and worship alongside them for an entire week. When was the last time your coaches got that much time with your students? Here at camp, they will build into your students like you’ve never had opportunity before.

You Can Help Customize The Experience For Your Students

After you’ve gotten a chance to experience our camps, and you’ve hopefully found a lot in common with your church’s mission and our mission, you might consider becoming a director. The director helps lead programming for a week of camp and provides leadership to speaking, games, counselor recruiting/training, etc. Our year-round staff work hard to take all the messy and policy planning for you so you can simply focus on the spiritual and program.

Learn What it Means to Become a Director

A Leadership Team's Responsibilities are divided among four Directors and one Leader in Training. Each has an individual focus and set of responsibilities that is a crucial factor in the successful planning and execution of an awesome time at camp. To learn more in detail, please contact the Camp Manager at the site where you're interested in directing.

Spiritual Director: The Spiritual Director is the “face of camp” to the campers and serves as an encourager, mentor, and fun presence in different venues throughout the week of camp.  The Spiritual Director is the up front person throughout the week of camp.  He or she is the lead teacher and coordinates the teaching times and other speakers.
Logistics Director: The Logistics Director is the detail person who ties everything together, putting dreams to reality and getting things done.  He or she communicates with the Camp Manager and holds the team accountable to deadlines.  He or she creates and manages the week’s schedule.
Creative Director: It is the responsibility of the Creative Director to transform a teaching time into an overall interactive and encounter driven experience that engages all senses.  He or she will coordinate the worship arts experience through the recruitment and oversight of a worship band.
Community Director: The Community Director is responsible for establishing and maintaining a positive, life changing, Christian community.  He or she will oversee counselor recruitment, registration, training and daily meetings.
Leader in Training: Each team is asked to support a Leader in Training.  The Leader in Training is someone Impact 2818 would like to bring on as a Director.  Before joining or starting a team, potential leaders are asked to spend a year observing and learning from a successful veteran team.  An essential function of the Leader in Training is to work with the Impact 2818 Social Journalist to provide content and connection to parents through the

Benefits: Becoming a Director has many benefits, from quality, face-to-face time with your students to discounted retreat bookings. Check out a few of them below:
• Build of the Kingdom of God in an exciting environment
• Customize the camping experience for your students and build meaningful, lasting relationships with them through hands-on interaction
• Network with other pastors and youth ministry professionals to learn, grow and support one another
• Grow personally and spiritually
• Attend our annual director appreciation event in the fall with your family
• Book personal spiritual retreat days for free and group retreats with a 25% discount at any Impact 2818 site

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