Winter, Spring & Fall Events at Impact 2818

Hopefully your summer was amazing and your family had chances to dig into favorite activities, time away, sports, recreation, and most importantly...time together and time with God. Whether you were able to join a camp experience this summer or not, there are some excellent opportunities available for your family this fall.

Sign up today and continue investing in family relationships and times to retreat from the busyness of this world and into time spent with God's Word!

Epworth Forest Conference Center

Ministry Training Event - 18 & Over

Join this training event prior to the start of summer that is open to anyone and everyone who with a heart for ministry!

The main sessions will be full of worship, teaching, and inspiration meant to encourage your spiritual journey, deepen your passion for engaging other people on their discipleship pathway, and empower your calling.

Breakout sessions will delve into topics on safety, personal calling, youth & children's ministry, programming, leading children, summer camp and more!

This event is free for anyone who volunteers or works with Impact 2818 and will cost $100 for anyone else.

May 31-June 2 (EA221)

$FREE for Impact 2818 Staff/Volunteers

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Back To School Youth Rally

Emerging Leaders of the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church, including middle school, high school, and college students are invited to the Back to School Rally with the Bishop. It will be a time of celebration, preparation, and reflection before stepping back into their schools. Emerging Leaders will be equipped and inspired to live out their faith and leadership in the classroom, extra-curricular activities, jobs, home, and community. Emerging Leaders are touching the world with their day to day lives. The Back to School Rally with the Bishop will help them fix their attention on God, recognize what God is up to, and respond with faith and leadership in their daily lives and the world.

August 4


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Beth Moore "Living Proof"

This fall, plan a special experience for the women in your circle. Come to Epworth where you will join this global, one-day gathering that will encourage you to dive deeper into the Word of God. Each year with Beth Moore is a uniquely special experience.

Join the one-day experience at Epworth in our new auditorium and enjoy the natural beauty of God's creation.

Or, plan a weekend experience for your faith community. Rent a lodge at Epworth for groups of all sizes to not only be encouraged by Saturday's experience with Beth, but be strengthened by time together challenging, and enjoying each other.

September 15


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Global Leadership Summit - INUMC

Epworth Forest Conference Center will be serving as a private host site (in partnership to the United Methodist Churches of Indiana) for the 2018 Global Leadership Summit, the 2 day conference simulcasted by the Willow Creek Association.

Bring your staff, volunteers, and team to develop and learn from a diverse, world-class faculty of speakers. You will receive a unique blend of vision, inspiration, and practical skills that can be immediately applied into your mission, and community.

Make your experience an unforgettable and transformative time by reserving lodging at Epworth ForestFor additional team building and information retention, your team can spend the night in one of our many lodges and continue to process the incredible talks that were heard that day. 

August 9-10


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Young Adult/College Retreat - Post High - Age 25

Start 2019 Off Right - In the midst of papers, in the midst of internships, in the midst of all nighters, venti coffees, break ups, and proposals, there's a season of life that can be summed up in two ways for many believers launching into adulthood: walking away from faith or finding true worth and confidence in Jesus Christ as He calls you to something deeper. God has created you for a purpose and as you learn that and navigate adulthood, there is an opportunity for intimate growth in a relationship with the Creator. This weekend retreat is designed as a connection point. Before heading back off to school, come connect with other believers, learn more about who God is, and find rest in His power and grace.

Winter retreat for young adults and college students (college freshman - age 25) is a perfect time to grow in discipleship and renewal. Life is crazy during the college years, but it doesn't have to be a season of isolation or stagnant spiritual growth. Come together with other young adults to connect, learn, rest, and worship.

January 2-4, 2019(EA011)


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Camp Indicoso

Camp Preview Day; All Ages


Sunday, March 26 - 1p-4p

Join our discovery day! See our grounds, lodging, and try out some of the exciting recreational activities! This is a great chance to bring your church or family out to camp and get a glimpse of just what happens at Camp Indicoso throughout the year and during our summer camps.

Summer camp can be a huegly influential event in your child's life that can help to shape their future by helping to establish a solid spiritual foundation. Please come out and join us this spring!

June 10-15 (IM242)


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Middle School Fall Fest; Grades 6-8

Indicoso’s Fall Fest is a middle school mini camp. It’s a great camp reunion with friends from summer camp and includes great adventures, fall activities, and spiritual encouragement to help campers continue their school year with the heart of Christ central to their attitude and daily life.

October 5-6 (IM401)


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Ladies’ One Day Retreat - Adults & Ages16+

Leave your to-do list at home and surround yourself in God’s creation and a community of women pursuing Christ. Grace Changes Everything is the theme of this one day retreat with several talks on the power of God's grace in our lives. The day will also includes skits, praise music and fellowship with other women throughout the day. Hosted by Hearts In Service Women's Ministry, this event will allow you to relax, refresh and renew. Come enjoy meaningful worship, Bible teaching to challenge, and thought-provoking discussions.

February 3 (IA051)


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Scrapbook Retreat - Adults & Ages 16+

Do you love to scrapebook? Come and fellowship with others who love to do the same thing you do at Camp Indicoso for a weekend. This scrapebook retreat will help you get your projects finished or even give you the incentive to get strated on a new one. Whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned veteran you will be challenged and encouraged to make progress. We will take devotional breaks full of teaching and interation with others who share our love for Christ! So come and enjoy a weekend away from distractions as we felllowship and make time for what you love to do!

March 16-18 (IA1111)


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Quilting Retreat - Adults & Ages 16+

Come and join other women who love to quilt while having fellowship. There will be lots of interesting ideas, time to help one another with projects, lots of good food and spiritual teaching in this weekend. Bring your sewing machine and any quilting project you are working on and be prepared to have a great time and maybe even learn something new.

April 20-22 (IA161)


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Mother Daughter Gathering - All Ages

This event will give you opportunities break barriers, build bridges and strengthen your bond with your daugher or granddaughter. Come join us to move toward a closer, more fulfilling retlationship with your student and Christ. You will enjoy many fun activities, intentional conversations, while creating memories to last a lifetime. Come escape your normal distractions and allow God to move powerfully in your relationship!

April 28 (IF171)

$20 per person

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Operation Indicoso - All Ages

Grab some family, friends, the youth group and anyone else to join us at Operation Indicoso to finalize preparation for camp!

As we prepare for ministry with hundreds of campers and church leaders this summer, your time will be an enormous blessing as the hands and feet of Christ. Tasks for people of all skills include opening spaces, deep cleaning, facility repairs, clearing trails, feature prep, and more.

Contact us at with your number of guests and skill levels so we can best prepare for your time and service! Time will be from 9a-5p; lunch is included!

May 5 (IC181)


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Coffee & Canvas - Adults & Ages 16+

Join us for a fun afternoon of fellowship and painting. All ages and abilities welcome. Come watch as our instructor helps ordinary people use paint, paintbrushes, and a canvas to create something truly beautiful and unique. Just like art is unique and individualized, God’s plan for each one of us is, too. After all, we are each a blank canvas waiting to be painted on by The Most Wonderful Artist of them all!

August 12 (IC331)


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Young Adult/College Retreat - Post High - Age 25

In the midst of papers, in the midst of internships, in the midst of all-nighters, venti coffees, break ups, and proposals, there's a season of life that can be summed up in two ways for many believers launching into adulthood: walking away from faith or finding true worth and confidence in Jesus Christ as He calls you to something deeper. God has created you for a purpose and as you learn that and navigate adulthood, there is an opportunity for intimate growth in a relationship with the Creator. This weekend retreat is designed to encourage and strengthen your walk with Jesus Christ.

October 19-21 (IA422)


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Craft Fair - All Ages

Do you enjoy shopping for crafts? Are you a craft maker? Join us for the 1st Annual Camp Indicoso Craft Fair. Your holiday shopping is as easy as 1-2-3 with our selection of home made goods. We will have a food court featuring soups, salads and sandwiches at a price that can't be beat. Do you have a craft or products you would like to sell? Please contact the camp to bring your hand crafted, unique items. The proceeds from the Craft Fair will benefit Camp Indicoso site specific scholarships!

December 8 (IC491)


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Camp Lakewood

Family Serve Weekend - Operation Lakewood; All Ages

Come out and join us in an opportunity to spread the word of God through intentional service and fellowship on our grounds! Working together and building memories as a family builds a strong foundation that will weather the years ahead. Projects will cover a variety of skills for all ages.

Learn More About Lakewood's Family Serve Weekend

April 28- 29 (LF172)

Summer Pricing Info

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Pine Creek Camp

Open House - Come Visit & Tour

If you want to learn more about partnering with Pine Creek Camp for the future, see what's going on with the site, or even just explore...visit us on October 13, 2018 to come discover where PIne Creek is going next.

Everyone is welcome!

Open House


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Camp Rivervale

Man Camp; (Men's Retreat)

STEPPING UP, This one day video events four sessions will focus on defining manhood, living courageously, building a life of faith, and stepping up to lead. Today more than ever, the world needs godly men. Men who will step up and lead. In a world where too many men are shrinking back, "Stepping Up" gives men the vision and the tools to live godly, courageous lives. Young men (ages 13-18) are welcome with an adult guardian.

The day will include lunch and activities. Pastor Gary Elsten from Loogootee UMC will be leading the event.

Man Camp • September 22 • RF381


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ILT Impact Leadership Training; Ages 13-16

The ILT program offers youth an introduction into the amazing opportunity of serving children in ministry as a Camp Counselor. They will learn the necessary skills, attitudes, and character traits that are critical to leading campers; this will greatly benefit them as they apply to become Junior Counselors with us or at any youth program.

Those who desire, can apply for ILT positions available for the 2018 summer at a reduced camp cost. The program is designed to increase leadership skills in a developing leader, peer leadership, community, fellowship, and personal development.

ILT Leadership Training • March 9-10 • RC101


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30 Hour Famine; Grades 6-12

Go hungry to help hungry kids. Join along with youth all over the world who are raising money to help feed children in need. Camp Rivervale is hosting a weekend focused on the 30 hour famine for you to grow closer to Christ and uncover a deeper empathy for your neighbor.

This is a “Come with a youth group event.” Work with other students in your youth group to raise funds to fight hunger and join us! We will fast for 30 hours, worship together, have fun with activities and prizes, be challenged, learn, and grow.

Learn more about the [30 hour famine]?

30 Hour Famine • February 24-25 • RC081


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Family Camp; All Ages

Through this camp, your family will feel renewed and inspired, you will go home with an even stronger sense of God’s presence and in stronger relationship with one another.

This inclusive experience engages the whole family; staying together for worship and learning times so parents can model and your children can learn from the people they look up to the most. Plus, enjoy the many fun and exciting features available at Camp Rivervale!

[learn more...]

Family Camp • August 31-September 2

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