Visiting Camp

Visits by the Family

To protect the children and to minimize homesickness, we have a very tight policy on visitors. Impact 2818 does not offer parent visitation days. Parents or guardians are discouraged from visiting and phoning a camper during their week of camp. Personal contacts from parents can have negative effects regarding homesickness and community building times. Remember, if there is a problem with your child, we will contact you.


Pastors, Youth Workers, and Other Visitors

Church staff (pastors, youth directors, children’s ministry directors, etc.) are encouraged to visit campers during the weeks of camp their students are attending. To execute these visits in the safest way possible, our visitor policies have changed, effective Summer 2015.  

If you would like to visit camp, please call ahead and schedule your visit with the camp staff.  All visitors must be escorted by an official camp representative during their entire visit on site. For this reason, visiting times and dates will vary and will depend upon staff availability. Failure to call ahead and arrange a site visit may limit our ability to serve your visit.

Our sincerest thanks and appreciation go out to all of the individuals and supporters who help make these ministry experiences possible and for helping to ensure the safety of the children who attend summer camp.


Call or Email To Schedule Your Visit

Camp Adventure

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Epworth Forest
Conference Center

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Camp Indicoso

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Camp Lakewood

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Moneto Camp &
Retreat Center

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Pine Creek Camp

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Camp Rivervale

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