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Impact 2818's calendar of events for 2019 is available now! Check it out to start planning your family and church calendars for an amazing and exciting year!

This coming year we are focusing our programming efforts and your child's experience at camp with a "back to the basics experience" that explores the outdoor, engages in freeplay, builds character, develops social skills through community, gives time to listen to God and dig into scripture, and helps your child to harmonize with their creator throughout their daily life back at home.


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Information Camp Parents Need Most

• Overview of the spiritual prioirities at camp, the value for your child's character development, and safety information. [start here]

• Frequently asked questions & answers [start here]

• 2019 Schedule of Events [download]

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Why Camping? [start here]

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2019 Schedule of Events [download]

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Camp Adventure - [www.CampAdventure.Camp]
Near Warsaw, IN • Providing middle school and elementary events

Epworth Forest Conference Center - [www.EpworthForest.Camp]
Near Warsaw, IN • Providing high school, young adult, special care, and adult events

Camp Indicoso - [www.Indicoso.Camp]
Near Bloomington, IN • Providing middle school, high school, young adult, special care, and adult events

Camp Lakewood - [www.CampLakewood.Camp]
Near Kendallville, IN • Providing elementary and family camp events

Pine Creek Camp - [www.PineCreek.Camp]
Near Lafayette, IN • Providing elementary, middle school, and family events

Camp Rivervale - [www.Rivervale.Camp]
Near French Lick, IN • Providing elementary, middle school, high school, and family events

Choose a Retreat Location

Camp Adventure - [start here]
Near Warsaw, IN. Sleeps up to 212 people in cabins & 39 in Lookout Lodge. Food service or camp-fire meals only. Pool, Lake, High Ropes, Paintball & more.

Epworth Forest Conference Center - [start here]
Near Warsaw, IN. Sleeps up to 283 people in lodges and 55 people in hotel-style accommodations. Food service, guest kitchens in lodges. Full production auditorium, conference rooms, Lake, Giant Swing, Paintball, & more.

Camp Indicoso - [start here]
Near Bloomington, IN. Sleeps up to 100 people in lodges and 120 people in cabins. Food service, guest kitchen, or camp-fire meals. High Ropes, Zip Line, Pool, Archery, and more.

Camp Lakewood - [start here]
Near Kendallville, IN. Sleeps up to 56 people in lodges and 116 people in cabins. Food service or camp-fire meals. Indoor Climbing Walls, Lake, Dual Zip Lines, and more.

Camp Moneto - [start here]
Near Columbus, IN. Sleeps up to 84 people in lodges, 48 people in cabins, and 25 people in the Inn. Food service. Pool, Adventure Trails, and more.

Pine Creek Camp - [start here]
Near Lafayette, IN. Sleeps up to 32 in a lodge and up to 224 in cabins. Food service, guest kitchen, or camp-fire meals. Giant Swing, Zip Lines, Pool, and more.

Camp Rivervale - [start here]
Near French Lick, IN. Sleeps up to 108 people in lodges and 110 people in cabins. Food service, guest kitchen, or camp-fire meals. Climbing Wall, Zip Line, Pool, and more.

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Employment Opportunities

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