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Welcome, to Impact 2818.

Few things will leave a larger impact and a have a longer lasting impression on the life of a young person than a week of church camp. Camp is not just a series of fun experiences, every camper engages their spiritual journey and opportunities to grow in character and personal identity.

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Our camps are focused on helping students to experience Christ in an environment that protects their physical, emotional and spiritual safety through camps & events at our six camp locations in Indiana.

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Christ Centered

At the core of everything that happens at an Impact 2818 summer camp is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Students get opportunities to worship, study, be challenged and even serve one another. We even work to make the fun events and activities a part of the spiritual program as they help students discover skills like team work and encouragement while helping to draw parallels to their faith journey.

Challenge by Choice

Our “Challenge by Choice” approach encourages campers to experience adventure and obstacles that will put them outside of their comfort zone. This helps them discover how to persevere, overcome, encourage others and work in teams. These moments help them continue to seek out the positive challenges that will shape their lives.

Connected with Churches

This is a place that encourages church leaders to attend camp with students. What better way to know that your students are in the right place than when you can know the leaders who are helping to plan it. A shared experience is more meaningful and powerful. When churches send their students to the same event, a common bond is developed as they all begin to understand what happened in the lives of each other strengthening the experience’s impact.