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Epworth Forest Conference Center has some amazing plans for the coming year that will help to provide powerful and transforming experiences for campers and retreat guests. We are a not-for-profit camp and do everything we can to control the cost of camp; those efforts often provide limited resources.

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Would you consider partnering with us to provide needed items in order to allow us to redirect more funds towards maintenance and improvements to lodging and restroom facilities?

What you see at the right is a small sample of the many items we need ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Anything still on the list are things that we need to create great programs, provide the best safety, and improve the camp experience. Please click through to discover items that you would like to consider giving to Epworth Forest Conference Center.

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Cash Donations

If you would prefer to send a cash donation to support Epworth Forest Conference Center, use the link above or send to:

Impact 2818 Development


301 Pennsylvania Parkway Suite 300

Indianapolis, IN 46280

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