Epworth Forest Conference Center

New Life Through Restoration

Last summer Epworth Forest Conference Center turned away about 200 students who wanted to come to camp. What a blessed problem to have! We have developed a way to provide more beds in order to avoid turning away students who want to come for a life changing experience.

Between 2009 & 2015, nine of the two-story lodges, many built in the 1950’s as temporary housing, were taken offline due to their massive maintenance costs, code violations, and unacceptable conditions. This was a significant loss of over 270 beds at Epworth Forest Conference Center.

In October, 2017, the Camp Board stepped out in faith to create a solution.
Two lodges, that had not yet been demolished, were chosen to be remodeled and restored.

Hundreds of volunteers from throughout the state invested thousands of man hours in demolition, framing, plumbing, electric, wall coverings, insulating, installing, and setting up the lodges.

Nearly $200,000 was invested in equipment, contract labor, supplies, and more.

Improving Existing Lodging Conditions:

The most cost effective solution to provide suitable lodge conditions and positively affect operating expenses is by investing in capital improvements in the two story lodges and the Heritage lodges.
In the fall of 2017 the camp board stepped out in faith and approved the remodeling of two of the two story lodges that had been taken offline due to unacceptable conditions - Jubilee and Parkview. Volunteers began work immediately and have significantly remodeled the facilities; 42 beds will be brought back online for the summer of 2018 (Jubilee 20 + Parkview 22).

Funding To Complete This Project:

Value Added:

Volunteers created: year-round functionality, major energy efficiency improvements, comfortable spaces, extended-life quality, desirable aesthetics, and lower maintenance facilities.

Correcting Capacity Limitations:

Making necessary upgrades, reduces the capacity of each lodge. Upon the completion of all remodeling, a great need will exist to add new lodges in order to reclaim the current capacity and push towards the ideal size of 640 beds at Epworth to match the Discipleship Center’s auditorium capacity.

Why Invest In Epworth?

Leaders are made at Epworth. In the ’90’s, it was determined that over half of the INUMC pastors had identified their calling at camp, most at Epworth. Over 600 students have responded to their calling to ministry at Epworth over the past three years alone.
Students become disciples at Epworth. Hundreds of students each year also make first time decisions for Christ at Epworth, pursue discipleship, and uncover their calling to live a life intentionally for Christ in daily service.


Your Support Is Needed

The lodges are complete! Volunteers, led by Steve Jungbauer, have successfully created beautiful facilities that students and adults will be able to enjoy. The buildings are quality, made to last, will provide minimal maintenance, and are energy efficient. Another generation of students will come to know Christ in these places.

Since embarking on this project, the Camp Tithe Budget from the Annual Conference was cut which has added significant strain to camp resources.

We need $200,000 to fund this project! No additional lodging projects can begin until this investment has been fully funded.

The critical first step is that we must generate the funds to cover this effort. Please prayerfully consider a gift to provide additional bed spaces for ministry at Epworth Forest Conference Center today!

If you would like to send a donation through the mail, please use this pledge card and send to:

Impact 2818 Development

c/o Epworth Forest Conference Center

8531 E. Epworth Forest Road

North Webster, IN 46555

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