Why Camp Is So Meaningful & Valuable

-A Solid Spiritual Foundation-

From Impact 2818's Executive Director:

A church camp, in partnership with your local church, is the best opportunity and most effective chance at helping your child make a lifetime commitment to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Impact 2818 camps build on a core value of church partnerships that help the significance of camp continue in each person’s discipleship journey after camp has ended and they return home.

In short, you have an eternally significant decision.

When you sign your children or family up for an experience like this, you will know that you are giving them something powerful; so much more than a trip to a theme park.

These events change lives by building a faith foundation that helps campers to shape their faith, identity, and worth around Christ. This builds a character that helps them uncover the potential God created in them.

We hope that you’ll take the time to prayerfully consider the value, impact, and weight of this opportunity. We look forward to seeing you this year!

Nick Yarde
Executive Director


-Helping To Raise Up Adults-

Camp is more than fun, games, friendship and adventures. It’s a deep personal experience where a group of young people build into community, grow together, and learn together. Through these times, our goal is to help them discover who God has designed each of us to uniquely become within this world in which we live.

Spiritual Development

During your child’s experience at camp, the most important activities we engage in are the discipleship pathway. In age appropriate times and methods, through worship services as a whole camp, in small family group discussions, and at devotions, your camper will:

Character Development

Every activity at camp has significance and value in helping your child discover their identity in Christ. Meals are served family style to model manners, dinner time discussions, and healthy living. Activities like tag & paintball teach integrity, honesty, and sportsmanship. Crafts tell stories and teach life lessons found in scripture. Challenge by choice adventures like ropes courses encourage campers to overcome trials, celebrate victories, and to encourage others.

At Impact 2818’s camps, we see the entire experience as an opportunity to encounter God who is still relevant in their lives and every day moments.

Personal Responsibility

Our team of counselors will help to provide age appropriate support as needed for camper hygiene and personal care. Campers also take responsibility for their belongings and learn how to be responsible for their words and actions at camp and home.

Challenge by Choice

Our “Challenge by Choice” approach encourages campers to experience adventure and obstacles that will put them outside of their comfort zone. This helps them discover how to persevere, overcome, encourage others and work in teams. These moments help them continue to seek out the positive challenges that will shape their lives.

Connected with Churches

This is a place that encourages church leaders to attend camp with students. What better way to know that your students are in the right place than when you can know the leaders who are helping to plan it. A shared experience is more meaningful and powerful. When churches send their students to the same event, a common bond is developed as they all begin to understand what happened in the lives of each other strengthening the experience’s impact.


-We Know How Important Safety Is To You-

Spiritual Safety

At our camps, an individual will never be, or made to feel, forced, coerced, or like an outsider based upon his/her beliefs.

We keep spiritual components simple to accommodate beliefs and values across the Christian spectrum. We will not baptize, require communion, or teach on speaking in tongues. As a ministry of the United Methodist Church, we uphold their practices, while recognizing and valuing that different denominations and churches have different concepts of what is right and beneficial. Those experiences and beliefs are best unpacked in a local church in deep relationship with your family.

In short, Major on the Majors and Minor on the Minors -we focus on the things that unite Christians.

Emotional Safety

No child should ever feel unsafe expressing or being themselves in appropriate ways, especially not while in a safe and inclusive environment like our camps. Our team has diligently chased out unacceptable interactions like hazing, bullying, threats, cliques, favoritism, and mockery.

Counselors will stand for your child. It is our greatest joy to live out the gospel as we create environments where all are embraced and valued as children of God.

Physical Safety

All of our counselors are properly trained and prepared. The adventure features (waterfront, ropes courses, etc.) are effectively staffed and diligently checked to rigorous standards. Camp medics, along with all of our staff, are well prepared for everything from bumps and bruises to unexpected situations.

The welfare of our campers and guests is our utmost priority. Every staff and adult volunteer is screened through the National Sex Offender Public Registry and Area Records Criminal Background Check.

All Impact 2818 staff are CPR and First Aid Certified. Any medical treatment of campers is performed in accordance with our First Aid Protocol & Procedure book.


-Camp & Finances-

The Value Of Camp

Like so many families, you may be balancing tight activity budgets for your children: sports clubs, lessons, youth groups, vacations, and more. As you ponder church camp, consider that the experience you are looking at is something very different.

Making time and a commitment to attend church camp and be involved in a local church is about setting a priority for the faith development of your child, strengthening their spiritual identity, and helping them learn to be a Christian leader who stands for what is right in their world.

At Impact 2818, we work diligently to be good stewards of the money you spend on and give to camp. Our staff compare the registration fees of other camps and set our rates to a median range in order to maintain critical standards and quality points essential to giving your family the highest safety, best experience, and the great value our guests expect.

Early Bird Deadline

Save money by helping us plan for your arrival. Sign up by 11:59pm on April 16, before camp goes up to full price. Starting April 17, add the following for full prices:

  • $7 for camps under $150
  • $15 for camps between $151-$300
  • $20 for camps between $301-$400
  • $30 for camps $401+

Camp Scholarships

Impact 2818 and the INUMC offer a limited number of need based scholarships to provide families with up to 33% of the cost of camp. Download an application at beacamper.com/help.

-Special Dietary/Medical Needs-

In an effort to best serve you and your family, please feel free to contact us before signing up if you have concerns about the level of care your camper may need while at camp.


Impact 2818 offers a standard menu. We do not offer celiac or vegetarian menus at this time. If your camper has special doctor-directed dietary meal concerns, please contact the Camp Manager at the site your camper will be attending to make arrangements for sending food to supplement our menu. Any meals sent to the camp to be prepared by our staff for your camper will require a doctor’s note explaining the needs and allergy. We do not prepare raw foods from home; ready to warm meals only. Refer to allergen information online at impact2818.org/camps/faq.


All medication must be brought in its original labeled container and given to the Camp Medic at Check-In. Please note that herbal remedies, vitamins, and oils cannot be administered by the camp or counselors without a written doctor’s note.

Care Situations

Our facilities are not yet designed for many with limited mobility and high medical needs campers. However, that should not rule out a camp experience for your child. Call us (888.628.2818) to explain the unique situations surrounding your camper so that we can discuss care situations (that may include caregiver attendance) to determine participation.

-Your Next Steps-

Find A Camp/Event

Choosing an event has two basic components, camper age & geography. Additionally, there are different lengths of stay to help match your calendar.Camp age groups are based upon the grade the camper is entering in the fall.

Signing Up Is Easy

A parent or legal guardian must complete the camper registration.

More Questions?

Visit beacamper.com/go for all registration details.

Call the Camp Registrar at 888.628.2818.