Volunteers are a critical componenet of each of the Impact 2818 camps. Without the generosity, investments, and dedication of the volunteers, only a shadow of the ministry that happens here would still occur. There are opportunities for people of all skill sets and capabilities with a desire to be a part of ministry through camping and Impact 2818.


Program Volunteers

Program volunteers such as camp counselors and program support volunteers play a huge role in the spiritual encounters of each camper. Each year over 1,000 adult leaders are making heroic investments into the lives of the nearly 3,000 campers.

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Work Group Volunteers

Numerous teams of skilled and gifted individuals come together at these camps to prepare ministry spaces where campers and adults engage the gospel. Volunteer work teams play key roles in creating and rejuvinating facilities and program spaces.

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Prayer Volunteers

We would love the privilege of being a regular concern and celebration on your prayer list. For campers, guests, volunteers, and staff...for preparation, wisdom, vision, and interactions...for donor, supporters, opportunities, and first time decisions.

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