Prayer Support

Celebrating & Encouraging

Every person who works and volunteers with these camps is firmly convinced that God is clearly at work here in the lives of each person who comes on these grounds. We are looking for individuals to pray over the ministry God has entrusted each church leader, volunteer, supporter, and camp staff with.

If you choose to add the camps to your prayer times, would you please let us know.

As often as you possibly can, would you please lift up the camps in both celebration and in seeking God's continued blessings; lifting up each are once a day for a week; with a day of rest of course.

day one - campers

for minstry opportunities, safety, travels, friendships, first-time decisions, calls to ministry, & planted seeds

day two - volunteers

for wisdom, rest, courage, preparation, challenges, safety, travels, blessings, skills, & discipleship

day three - physical spaces

for buildings/spaces and the ministry that will occur therein, what exists & what is still needed

day four - leadership

for event directors, year round camp staff, the camp board, the executive director, & seasonal staff

day five - retreats

for groups creating unique events; their leaders, participants, planning, preparation, & ministry

day six - God's Plan

for vision, clarity, open doors, timelines, resources, supporters, & accomplishing God's mission