Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Background Registration Process

For adults, this is a two part process. The form linked below lets us know you will be completing your background check and at which event(s) to expect you. After completing this form, click on the link to Trak-1 that will be provided. This link will also be emailed to you.

Once you submit the information requested on Trak-1's site, a background check will be run that includes:

• Residency verification
• Social Security Number verification
• Criminal records check, including a sexual offenders records review

To protect your safety and privacy, limited staff of the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church will have access to any detailed results. You will also be emailed your results by Trak-1.

For minors, after completing the registration form linked below, they will receive an email with the mandatory health form attached.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Emily at 317-564-3226 or emily.burkhart@inumc.org.

Registration Is Open

Adults Volunteers Ages 18 & Over - [register adults here] [health form]

Minor-Age Volunteers Ages 17 & Under - [register minors here] [health form]