About Impact 2818

Impact 2818 is a ministry of the Indiana Conference United Methodist Church [nonprofit 501(c)(3)]. Our programs and facilities serve and are welcoming to all people, regardless of church attendance or denominational affiliations.

Serving Churches In Order To Serve Families

Impact 2818 is a Local-Church-Centered-Ministry. People of all ages are seeking community and real relationships. Spending time together at camp can turn a group of acquaintances into a fellowship that will love, support, and holds one another accountable. If that group continues to meet together, the community continues. The local church is the primary vehicle for fostering relationships and making disciples. Impact 2818 fosters the development of relationships and groups by offering programs and facilities to church groups that keep communities together throughout the experience and beyond.

  • We will serve the local church and be an extension of their ministries
  • We will share God’s love with every guest at all Impact 2818 Camp Sites
  • We will create a safe, comfortable environment where people experience Christian community
  • We will provide high-quality facilities and services for all guests
  • We will provide relevant, age-appropriate programming for all campers

The Name Says It All…

A lot of people ask about the name Impact 2818—what it means and why we chose it. In short, it represents our goal and purpose. Matthew 28:18-20 is the Great Commission where Christ followers are being sent into the world on Jesus’ authority to make God’s transforming love known. Our desire is to leave a legacy with each generation we get to encounter and that they would go forth impacting this world for the sake of Christ.

Impact 2818 Statement of Faith

We believe that God has provided redemption for all people through His Son, Jesus Christ and that He provides support and guidance for believers through the Holy Spirit. We believe that camping has biblical foundations, offering places to follow the example set by Christ and his disciples to withdraw from everyday life for spiritual reflection, and equips campers to apply Christian beliefs and actions to their daily lives.

We are a ministry of the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church. Our directive is to serve, partner, and resource the local church in order to help in the discipleship of families throughout the state and beyond. To help most effectively work with the variety of different traditions throughout faith communities and unchurched families, we major on the majors and minor on the minors. To put that more simply, we focus on the inherent Truth revealed through Jesus Christ that unites the church.

Camp Facilities & Locations

Camp Adventure
Pierceton, IN
Camp Indicoso
Springville, IN
Camp Lakewood
Wolcottville, IN
Pine Creek Camp
Pine Village, IN
Camp Rivervale
Mitchell, IN
Impact 2818 Camp Registrar
Indianapolis, IN