Ministry Partners

We are Local-Church Centered.

Being local-church centered means: We exist to be an extension of the local church, to serve your needs, to be your resource, to facilitate what might not be possible at your location so that you can be even more successful in the ministry your church provides.

While we know that it’s not possible to be everything to everyone, we work hard to serve each group we work with in partnership, finding a shared and mutual return and benefit for each other. Through our partnerships, we serve hundreds of churches, over 1,000 volunteers and over 3,200 campers each summer.

Discipleship Happens Through Long-Term Relationships

We know that long-term results happen in relationship (like small groups, life groups, Bible studies, etc.) even more so than in a great worship session. Inspiration, motivation, empowerment…a keynoter can give those, but the real change comes when a student is able to unpack all of those things and discover how God’s word relates personally.

It’s for that exact reason that we want your local faith community to be a role in camp. Bring all of your students together, to one week, at one site. They will be in cabins with one another and sharing with one another. When camp is over, the conversations they had, the ideas, the changes they hope to make…their friends are there with them and can provide accountability and encouragement to sustain those efforts back at home.

Youth Pastors & Volunteers Are Welcome Here

This is a place that encourages you to attend camp with your students. You most likely have some amazing youth coaches and volunteers at your church. All qualified volunteers are with the students 24/7 throughout the experience helping to make a week at camp more than just fun and adventures.

Your team will be doing life and worship alongside them for an entire week. When was the last time your coaches got that much time with your students? Here at camp, they will build into your students like you’ve never had the opportunity before.

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Help Customize The Experience For Your Students

After you’ve gotten a chance to experience our camps, and you’ve hopefully found a lot in common with your church’s mission and our mission, you might consider becoming a director. The director helps lead programming for a week of camp and provides leadership to speaking, games, counselor recruiting/training, etc. Our year-round staff work hard to take all the messy and policy planning for you so you can simply focus on the spiritual and program.

Campership Church Scholarship Forms

iCash is a tool to help your campers use scholarships given by your church to assist in registration fees. This will give you a coupon code (or as many as you desire in varying percentage or dollar amounts) that can be used as many times as you want.

Hand out the code to your families, and let them register easily online. The church will receive a list of any students registering with your codes, and the balance on those scholarships will be due following summer.

iCash must be redeemed during registration. Late redemption of iCash may result in a $5 processing fee. This fee goes to cover the merchant card service fees we are charged for each transaction.

+ iCash Agreement Form

+ Shepherd Program Form

Church Team Visitation Days

Impact 2818 campsites are closed to the general public while our programs are in session. In the past, we have encouraged church staff to visit students from their church while they are attending camp. In 2021, to ensure the safety and health of our campers, volunteers and staff, there will be no visitors allowed into camps. Thank you for your understanding of this important and needed safety measure. We look forward to, in 2022, having our camper’s church staff visit.

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