See lives transformed.

If you care about kids and love Jesus, volunteering at camp is a great way to make an impact—while having a ton of fun.

Volunteers are essential to making camp run. We bring on over 800 volunteers each summer and countless other volunteers year-round.

Who volunteers at camp?

Anyone who has placed their trust in Jesus and wants to share the Good News!

Over 800 young adults, older adults, pastors, youth workers, and church volunteers take a week-long break from their everyday lives to become volunteer counselors.

Others volunteer at different times to maintain the grounds, spread the word about camp, and do essential behind-the-scenes work.

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Why volunteer as a counselor?

Share God’s transforming love.

Countless young people make lifelong commitments to Christ at summer camp. By simply being there and caring for each camper, volunteer counselors have an immeasurable impact.

Connect with kids in your church.

Form relationships with kids from your community as they go through a time of personal growth. Understanding their camp experience helps you support them on their discipleship journeys.

Challenge yourself to grow.

Kids aren’t the only ones who grow at camp. It’s a place where we are called to lay down our lives for the benefit of others. Seeing God at work often sparks transformation in our hearts, too.


Volunteer Positions

If you don’t know how to do any of these things, don’t worry! All volunteers undergo training. We’ll give you all the tools you need to do the job well.


A camp counselor is the most pivotal relationship in a child’s spiritual development at camp. As a counselor, you will have the best week of your summer leading your campers through exciting activities, worshipping alongside them, and sharing God’s love with them.

Event Directors

The directors guide programming for a week of camp and provide leadership through speaking, counselor recruiting/training, games, scheduling, worship, and more. Our year-round staff work hard so you can focus on the spiritual and program aspects of the event.

Facilities & Maintenance

With hundreds of buildings and thousands of acres, we need volunteers to work alongside our facilities team. The needs are varied: mowing lawns, plowing snow, fixing leaky faucets, maintaining vehicles, roofing, and more. Your partnership and service are vital to our ministry.

Retreat/Guest Host

Hosts are individuals or families that play a significant role in serving guests at our sites, from site preparation to closing facilities after retreats. Contact the site you’re interested in for details on how you can help host.

Kitchen & Housekeeping

Our kitchen and housekeeping volunteers have a blast serving campers in one of the most basic ways: food and lodging. These roles are essential each summer, and volunteers have an immense behind-the-scenes impact.

Seasonal & Year-Round Employment

How to Get Started

To become a counselor or director

or help during camp behind the scenes:

01) Choose your event.

Not sure which one to choose? Get in touch via our general contact form.

02) Get in touch with the event’s director team or location’s manager.

Reach out directly to the event’s directors. Don’t know them? Get in touch with the location’s manager, who can put you in touch.

03) Complete a background check and training.

Every volunteer onsite during an event must complete these at least 3 weeks prior to serving at camp.

To help in other ways:

Like maintenance, hosting, kitchen service, and more.

01) Choose a camp location.

Or reach out via our contact form if you’re not sure which one to choose.

02) Reach out to the location

Reach out to the location where you’d like to serve.

03) We’ll get you plugged in!

We’ll get you connected to volunteer opportunities that are a good fit for you and direct you to next steps.



Spread the Word.

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Have you been in contact with a camp event director?

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