Merryman Retreat Center

9 Bedrooms | Sleeps 40


The Merryman Center is available to rent April 1-October 31 with the comfort of a fireplace and a cozy common area where you can relax. The bedroom area features a total of 9 bedrooms; 2 rooms of 2 single beds, 2 rooms of 6; 2 single beds and 2 bunks, 4 rooms of 5; 3 single beds, one bunk, and 1 room of 4 single beds. There are two full bathrooms with 3 sinks, 5 toilets, and 6 showers in the hallway for boys and girls, both handicap-accessible. A guest kitchen is fully stocked with cooking and eating utensils for all your dining needs. The kitchen is equipped with 2-4 burners, an oven, a serving line, a refrigerator, a freezer, a 3-compartment sink, a coffee maker, a microwave, and toasters. Guests will need to provide their own bed linens, towels, and personal necessities.

*Minimum to rent is 28.

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