Premium Cabins

2 Cabins | 2 Dorm Rooms Per Cabin | 2 single rooms | Sleeps 30 Each


 These twin cabins are located at the very center of camp. Both units are air-conditioned and heated, and each cabin has a small common area (other meeting spaces are provided at no extra charge). There are two bedrooms on each side of the unit, with 5 single beds and 1 bunk bed per room. There also is a private room with one single bed. Each unit features bathroom facilities on each side of the building. Each bathroom has two showers, two stalls, and four sinks with mirrors. These bathrooms are handicap accessible. There is no kitchen access provided for these cabins. Food Service is available at camp. Guests will need to provide their own bed linens, towels, and personal necessities.

*Minimum to rent each building is 21.

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