Best Part Of Camp

At Impact 2818, we want you to be connected to your camper’s experience. Mainly because it helps the outcomes and impact of camp be carried home and have a far greater to potential to be stabilized for the long-term.

To do this, we have improved our Best Part of Camp blog and photo/video posting by partnering with a company called Waldo. Through Waldo, you will find a blog post and even more of our great photos than we used to take.

Waldo is a free or a paid service…it’s up to you.

Either way, you can see all of the photos and blog posts from camp. However if you choose to use the paid service (which 50% of anything you spend will be returned to Impact 2818’s scholarship funds), you will have access to a facial recognition software engine that will send track down photos of your camper and send you notifications when they are uploaded. 

If you did not get your password, please contact our team to get access. Otherwise, follow the link and jump on in!

See Photos @ Waldo See Photos @ Waldo