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Registration Deadlines

To begin your child’s registration, select your event from the calendar here.

Please note:

  • Only a parent or legal guardian can register a camper for camp or make changes (such as a transfer) to a registration.
  • Registration closes one week (7 days) prior to the start date of each camp. This applies to transfers as well.

Registration Cancellation

There is a non-refundable deposit of $35/person for events less than $150 and $75 for events that cost $150 or more. The remainder of the registration fee will be refunded as long as notification of cancellation is received by the Camp Registrar two weeks prior to the start date of the event. Within two weeks of the start of the event, per a family emergency, illness, or accident outside of the family’s control (excludes sports, tournaments, and social activities), a refund may be granted at the discretion of Impact 2818 Senior Leadership. No refunds or fee transfers will be made for those who fail to show up on Check-In Day without notice.

*Cancellations and transfers made in the best interest of health and safety will not be subject to the standard cancellation policy and will be eligible to receive a full refund. Parents/guardians may determine at any time to cancel their camper’s registration due to concerns over COVID-19.


Transferring a Registration

We ask that, whenever possible, you complete all transfer requests at least two weeks prior to the start of an event. A registration may not be transferred from one camper to another. Contact to transfer your child’s registration to another event.


Registration Fees & Payments

Scholarships/iCash must be redeemed at initial registration. Late redemption will result in a $5 processing fee which will be deducted from any refunds made. You may pay in full when registering, or you can choose to use an automatic payment plan if registering at least 5 weeks before the event begins. See below for details.


Payment Plan Option

Full payment can be made at the time of registration, or you may choose to make payments wherein the following would apply:

To take advantage of a payment plan you must agree to have payments taken out automatically from the saved credit card or bank account information you have provided. An initial deposit is required in order to activate the registration and save your camper’s spot. After the initial deposit has been paid, auto-payments will occur monthly until the final balance due date: two (2) weeks before the start of the event. The amount of your automatic payments (and the date on which they occur) are determined by the date you register. The total balance remaining, after the initial deposit is paid, will be divided equally by the number of payments scheduled.

For example: If your event’s final balance is due June 5, and you register on February 20, your after-deposit balance will be divided into three payments, occurring automatically on March 20, April 20, and May 20.

If you have any questions, please call (888) 628-2818.

You may use a checking or savings account, or a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

If an automatic payment fails, you will be contacted via email. You will have one (1) week to correct the error and make the payment. If the payment is not received within one week, the registration will be canceled. Our standard cancellation policy will apply. You may log in to your account at  24/7 to correct a failed auto-payment, or give the Registration Team a call at (888) 628-2818 Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm.


Early Bird Pricing

Impact 2818 offers a registration discount for signing up early. Save money by helping us plan for your arrival. For summer events, prices listed in the brochure and online are the Early Bird Rate. Sign up by 11:59pm on April 20, before rates go up to their full price. (+$30 for 5 and 6 night events, +$15 for 2 and 3 night events)


Impact 2818 Scholarships

Apply for tuition assistance from Impact 2818. Scholarships are accepted on a rolling basis. Scholarships must be redeemed during registration. Late redemption of scholarships may result in a $5 processing fee (to be deducted from any refunds made after scholarships are applied). This fee goes to cover the merchant card service fees we are charged for each transaction.


Local Church Support

iCash is a tool to help your campers use scholarships given by your church to assist in registration fees. This will give you a coupon code (or as many as you desire in varying percentage or dollar amounts) that can be used as many times as you would desire. iCash Agreement Form

Hand out the code to your families and let them register easily online and the church will receive a list of any students registering with your codes and the balance on those scholarships will be due following summer.

iCash must be redeemed during registration. Late redemption of iCash may result in a $5 processing fee. This fee goes to cover the merchant card service fees we are charged for each transaction.


Event Information Sheets

Download information sheets for any event by first finding the campsite you are looking for and then selecting the specific event you need. Each information sheet is a resource guide for the event’s planning details, directions, check-in, closing celebration, mail, packing list, and more. Registered campers will receive these by mail mid-May.


Camp Adventure


Epworth Forest Conference Center


Camp Indicoso


Camp Lakewood


Moneto Camp & Retreat Center


Pine Creek Camp


Camp Rivervale


Behavior Agreement

All campers are required to sign the Camp Behavior Agreement.  It will be included in the info packet that is mailed mid-May, or you may download it here.  We encourage parents to go over this agreement with their camper before arrival.  The agreement can be turned in on-site at Check-In.  Or, if you are sending in a paper medical form directly to the campsite by mail, email, or fax, you may include the agreement form at that time.


Medical Forms

Complete the medical form online by logging in to your account at  For help logging in contact (888) 628-2818 or email

If you require a paper medical form, you can download that here, or contact us using the above information to have one mailed to your home:

Camp Adventure Medical Form

Epworth Forest Medical Form – Campus House (not for GROUP That Thing students – group attendees should talk to their group leader for information on registration online or by paper event ticket)

Camp Indicoso Medical Form

Camp Lakewood Medical Form

Camp Moneto Medical Form

Pine Creek Camp Medical Form

Camp Rivervale

Volunteer Medical Form & Waiver


Common Forms

Scholarship Form

+ 2022 Scholarship Application

Registration Forms

Click here to log in to your account and register online, make payments, update health forms, purchase camp t-shirts/photos (select sites) and more.

+ 2022 Registration Form (for all Impact, Mini, Horse, Express, Master Mind, and Dramatic Arts events, plus That Thing campers staying in Campus House with an Individual Ticket)

+ 2022 Family Camp Registration Form (for all Family and Mother/Child events)

+ 2022 REYOAD Registration Form


Church Forms

+ iCash Agreement Form

+ Shepherd Program Form