INUMC Camp Registration Fee Support

Wait, Who Did What?

Every camper’s first $192 has always been paid by the United Methodist Churches of Indiana (INUMC). The support of the INUMC for its camping ministry helps to make camp available to every family with this overall financial investment of $450,000 in 2020. This money directly decreases the cost of camp for families that would have to be charged were it not for INUMC support.

Is This New? 
Camp Never Cost This Much Before?

This is not new; camp has cost this much for some time, but this part wasn’t always clearly communicated. Your United Methodist Churches have been supporting the families of Indiana by connecting church tithe dollars with the INUMC camps. Over the past two decades, this has resulted in over $15,000,000 in this scholarship!

For decades, this has been under-communicated. It is time for our families and churches to better see just how critical, meaningful, life-changing, and significant this financial support is in reaching children & families with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who Is Eligible To Receive This $192?

Everyone! The conference’s kingdom-minded-ministry approach welcomes families of any faith-tradition to come and experience Jesus’ love and hope through camping.