Safety Standards


At Impact 2818, we build systems around this motto: “Bad things don’t happen here because we don’t let them.” In planning, we conceptualize every possible end result to remove any guesswork in keeping your child safe. It has given us a tremendous history of sending campers home safely each year.


The Three Safeties at Impact 2818


All of the counselors are properly trained and prepared, the features (waterfront, ropes courses, etc) are effectively staffed and diligently checked to rigorous standards, and camp medics, along with all of our staff, are well prepared for everything from bumps and bruises to unexpected situations.
The welfare of our campers and guests is our utmost priority. Every staff and adult volunteer is screened through the National Sex Offender Public Registry and Area Records Criminal Background Check.
All Impact 2818 staff are CPR and First Aid Certified. Any medical treatment of campers is performed in accordance with our First Aid Protocol & Procedure book.
All medication must be brought in its original labeled container and given to the Camp Medic at Check-In on the first day of camp. All camper medication is stored and administered by the Camp Medic. Inhalers, bee-sting kits and EpiPens are exceptions and are carried by the camper’s counselor (or by the camper if they are in high school) and administered as needed. Camp Adventure, Camp Indicoso, Camp Lakewood, Pine Creek Camp, and Camp Rivervale distribute first aid supply bags to each counselor to keep with him/her at ALL times throughout the week. This bag contains supplies for treating minor injuries.
At Epworth Forest, all supplies are stored and administered by the Camp Medic. During That Thing, campers should report to the First Aid Station for cuts, bruises, scrapes, or to receive any medical treatment. Medication is handled by the local church or can be administered by the Camp Medic.
No child should ever feel unsafe being or expressing themselves in appropriate ways, especially not while at a safe and inclusive environment like a church camp. Our team diligently chases out unacceptable interactions like hazing, bullying, threats, cliques, favoritism, and mockery.
Our team will stand up for your child. It is our greatest joy to live out the gospel through camp as we create environments where everyone is embraced and valued as the child of God they are.
Challenge By Choice – Camps provide a wonderful opportunity to help students overcome fears and challenges in a positive and encouraging environment where it is also safe to fall short of a goal. Our Challenge By Choice philosophy gives campers the ability to size up features like the climbing walls, zip lines, etc. and determine if and how they wish to participate. They are encouraged, not forced or coerced, to engage in the activities that might make them slightly uncomfortable; this provides an opportunity to overcome. Our staff and counselors will help the child establish achievable goals and adjust them as needed. No camper is ever made to feel bad for choosing not to participate in an activity; instead, alternative ways for them to participate as helpers and encouragers will be made.
Spiritual safety for an individual includes not being forced, coerced, or made to feel like an outsider based upon his/her beliefs.
We keep spiritual components simple to accommodate the beliefs and values in the Christian spectrum. We will not baptize, require communion, or teach on speaking in tongues. As a ministry of the United Methodist Church, we uphold their practices, while recognizing and valuing that different denominations and churches have different concepts of what is right and beneficial. It is important for us that we respect these beliefs, as well.
Every camper will make a decision of some sort regarding Jesus Christ. That decision may be an acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior, to continue seeking God’s will in his life, or to do nothing. Even choosing nothing is making a decision, and whatever campers choose is perfectly okay. We cannot determine, judge, qualify, or eliminate God’s timeline. Where God harvested in one camper’s spirit, God may have watered another’s and planted seeds in still another’s. It is essential that we value all campers and all decisions as good and part of God’s holy plans.
We will not use tactics like prosperity, the fear of death or hell, or any ideas that cheapen the Gospel as ways to coerce campers into accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It is a disservice to everyone. The weight of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit are fully capable of working in a camper’s life. When we provide a Christ-like loving environment while sharing Jesus and the Word, God will do what God will do.


Electronics, Cell Phones, & The Camp Experience

In the digital age, we are immersed with constant contact and distractions through electronic devices.

Camp Policy: No cell phones or communication devices are to be with campers or counselors.

We want campers to experience sanctuary…to be separated from the noise that is crowding our minds and attention, so as to best focus on the transforming message of the gospel. Time away from devices also encourages social conversations and relational engagement. Communication devices with photo and video also add the potential for increased safety risks that are difficult to effectively monitor.

Connect with your camper by sending USPS letters, camper emails, and notes in their luggage. Should any situation arise needing your attention, you will be immediately contacted by the camp staff. If you need us, all contact numbers can be found here and are monitored 24/7.

Cell Phone Policy Details

  • Cell phones and other communication devices are not permitted to be carried by campers, general volunteers or staff. Only Camp Management Staff and Directors are permitted to carry cell phones and communication devices on site to be used at appropriate times for camp business.
  • Camps will provide an alarm clock for each cabin and a wristwatch per each counselor bag/fanny pack to replace the use of a phone as a time-telling device.
  • As a Conference Center, Epworth Forest permits campers and volunteers to carry cell phones at most of their events. Although limited use of cellular devices is encouraged to allow for a true retreat experience, devices are not prohibited unless otherwise noted in event materials.