Volunteers At Camp Are Free

Impact 2818 is a volunteer-led ministry.

This approach improves the experience and outcomes for campers.

Most all of our events utilize volunteer directors or counselors in partnership with our staff to create and deploy the program and experiences of camp. These volunteers are part of the faith communities throughout Indiana that are partners and supporters of Impact 2818’s camps. About 1,000 pastors, youth & children’s ministry workers, church volunteers, young adults, and older adults will take an extended break from their every day lives in order to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ at camp.

We are so grateful for the gift and service each of these leaders bring. Their care and passion for helping young people learn how to live in/out the grace of the gospel is transforming the world.

Benefits of Volunteer Counselors

Fresh Heart & Spirit – At each event, the counselors working with campers aren’t worn down by the previous weeks of summer. Caring for students at camp is a 24/7 job and a fresh counseling and leadership team each week will be in the right mindset to care for and lead campers.

Local Church Focus – We believe that our mission is even more than connecting young people to the gospel; these camps are meant to resource churches by helping them to maximize their ministry efforts. Volunteer leadership helps to create outcomes that can be fine tuned to be more inline with each church’s goals. Life-Changing Experiences Start Here…camp becomes a pivot point, a key moment on the students discipleship journey that is continually strengthened and reinforced in their home faith community.

Builds Relationships in the Church – When campers and their local church family attend camp together, it provides a strengthened relationship between through those shared experiences at camp. Familiarity with the experience provides a deeper connection and ability to more effectively build upon the camper’s decisions and next steps. 

Removes Hurdles – Sometimes, getting volunteers engaged with a youth program can be difficult, it would be even more so if you asked those volunteers to pay a few hundred dollars while taking vacation time as well. It’s a big sacrifice for many of those volunteers; for this reason, we do not charge volunteers who counsel or direct at camp. 

Serve as a Volunteer 

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer counselor, director, or program support helper, contact the camp manager of the site you would like to join

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