The Equestrian Facility


The Equestrian facility is best described as four distinct areas. The Lobby, the arena, the Stalls, and the pasture. The Lobby is 25’ x 30’, is completely climate controlled, and has room for 20 seated at tables. This area boasts a meeting table, kitchen sink, mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and counter space. Men’s and Women’s bathrooms (no showers) are located down a hallway as well. The Riding arena, which measures 120′ x 80′, is enclosed, with a soft dirt/sand floor, 2 walk-in doors and one 16’ sliding barn door, 3 sliding ventilation windows, indoor access to stalls, and access to restrooms. The Stall area, which is connected to the riding arena with an enclosed hallway, has 24 stalls, each roughly 10’ x 10’. They are arranged 12 per side with a 16’ hallway in between. This same hallway includes a wash bay, tack room, and utility room. One Stall has been converted to a shaving storage space. The pasture, which is accessible from the stall area, has roughly 8 acres of grass, with a fence layout enabling four separate paddocks, two with water, and one of which has two shelters for cover. The other two paddocks are dry. There are 7 hydrants spread throughout the whole facility allowing water to be distributed.


Check-In: 4:00p Check-Out: 12:00p

These are the standard times for arrival and departure though they may be negotiable considering dining service, or advanced arrangements.

Features & Amenities Included



24 indoor Stalls


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