Barbara Heck

2 Dorm Rooms; 1 Bedroom   |   Sleeps 31  |   Large Common Space  |   Fireplace  |   Stocked Kitchen   
Lodge Information
The Heritage Lodges feature an in-lodge kitchen, a large common area/living room with a fireplace, a leader room with a full-size bed, and two dorm rooms with bunks and bathrooms.
Arrival & Departure
Check-In: 4:00p Check-Out: 12:00p
These are the standard times for arrival and departure though they may be negotiable considering dining service, or advanced arrangements.

Pricing Information

*This lodge requires a minimum of 25 guests

Fall, Spring, Winter Rates (August-May)
• As low as $32.50 per person

Summer Rates (June-July)
• As low as $33.00 per person

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Building Layout

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