Fulmer Center Conference Rooms


Microphone Access   |   Projectors   |   Audio through Headphone Jack  |    Volume control (Conference Rooms)  |    Private Bathroom (Greenroom)    |    Comfortable Seating    |    Tables

Meeting and Gathering Spaces

The Fulmer Center for Young Leaders includes 3 conference rooms and 1 smaller meeting room.  Each room has A/V setup and can utilize different seating and table arrangements. Two of the conference rooms can be converted into a large single room seating over 100 and the media capabilities can be combined.

The conference rooms each seat 50 people.

The Tyler-Fenchel Green Room seats up to 15. 

These can all be booked as a single room or reserving all spaces.

Pricing Information

4 Hour Scheduled Use
 • As low as $260 per room

8 Hour Scheduled Use
 • As low as $350 per room

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