Indicoso Traditional Cabins

Indicoso Cabins

1 Room Cabins   |   Sleeps 12 Each
8 Total Cabins   |   Sleeps 72 Total

The Indicoso Traditional Cabins are available from April 1-October 31. All 8 have air conditioning and are one-room dorm style buildings with 6 bunk beds in each one. Three of these cabins (12 beds) are not available to rent during the summer. The cabins share a large heated bathhouse by the pool. There is no kitchen access provided for these cabins. Food Service is available at camp. Guests will need to provide their own bed linens, towels and personal necessities.

Pricing Information

*Each cabin requires a minimum of 8 guests for booking

Fall & Spring Rates (Labor Day- Memorial Day)
 • As low as $16.25 per person

Summer Rates (Memorial Day – Labor Day)
 • As low as $17.75 per person

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