The Tabernacle


Seats 100-200 Guests  

The Tabernacle is an outdoor, open walled pavilion, nestled in the woods and surrounded by trees. It features a fireplace at the front of the meeting area and bench seating for up to 100, can be expanded to up to 200 with additional chairs.

Optional A/V Equipment

During Indicoso’s middle and high school camps, this is the primary worship space and can include 2 TV’s for Projection, 2-2×15″ speakers, 2-18″ Subs, 2-On Stage Monitor Mixes, 32 channel Allen & Heath Mixing Board, 2 Wireless Microphones, and more.

Pricing Information

Use With Facility Rental Without A/V Equipment
 • Free

4 Hour Scheduled Use With A/V Equipment
 • As low as $400

8 Hour Scheduled Use With A/V Equipment
 • As low as $500

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