Retreat Terms & Conditions

Contract For Services with Impact 2818


Contract Agreement:

By signing your invoice and making your initial deposit, you are entering into a legal, binding, contractual agreement with Impact 2818. You are payment is acknowledgement that you have read and agree to the terms & conditions, accept accountability for your financial responsibility, and agree to make sure that the group you represent follows all rules and guidelines, and agree to allow Impact 2818 to correct any errors in the invoice.

Deposit & Fee Schedule:

Your bill must be paid in full within 30 days of departure from your stay. Each invoice is set up using a minimum contract and your final bill will not be lower than the contracted amount if less people arrive than the minimum.

Deposit schedule for contracts created 30 or more days in advance of visit

  • the first deposit of 10% is due within 14 days of accepting this contract
  • the second deposit of 20% is due 45 days prior to the event
  • the second deposit of 20% is due 90 days prior to the event for contracts using Custom Camp Pricing

Deposit schedule for contracts created less than 30 days prior to visit

  • a deposit of 30% is due within 3 days of accepting this contract

Final Balance Due – Net 30 Terms

  • final payment of all applicable fees are due within 30 days after the event

Cancellation Policy:

All deposits are non­refundable. Impact 2818 must receive notice of cancellation at least 30 days in advance of the beginning date of the retreat. If the cancellation notification is received at least 30 days prior to the event, the deposit may be applied to a rescheduling of the event within 1 year of the original date. The deposit may be transferred one time only and may be used only by the same user group. If cancellation is not received 30 days prior, the deposit is forfeited.

For contracts using “Custom Camp Pricing” in their contracts: All deposits are non­refundable. Impact 2818 must receive notice of cancellation at least 120 days in advance of the beginning date of the event. If the cancellation notification is received at least 120 days prior to the event, the deposit may be applied to a rescheduling of the event within 1 year of the original date. The deposit may be transferred one time only and may be used only by the same user group. If cancellation is not received 120 days prior, any deposit payments are forfeited.

Contract Modifications:

Additions to the original contract can be made up to one day prior to the date of service by contacting an Impact 2818 Staff Representative to update your agreement; services cannot be rendered without a signature on the updated Service Invoice Agreement. (Availability and capacity may be limited if seeking additions less than 14 days in advance.)

In accordance with the cancellation policy, subtractions to the contract more than 45 days out (or 120 days for contracts utilizing “Custom Camp Pricing”) from the start of services may be made one time without a financial penalty.

Additional Information

The total billed fee for your event is either the minimum contracted amount or, the actual number of participants attending (if above the minimum contracted number of guests).
The minimum contracted number is based upon the minimum number of guests for lodges, facilities reserved, expected meal counts, and program activities.
When using overnight lodging and you have day guests and visitors, you will be billed a day guest fee in addition to any meals. These guests can only count towards your minimum overnight guests, if they are charged at the overnight rates.
Once the group has provided their final numbers for food this will be your new minimum number for meals (for billing, will not be lower than your contracted number).
Meal minimums are 20. Building minimums depend on total capacity and facility amenities.
Payments may be made online using the links in your invoice email. Accepted forms of payment are ACH (electronic check), VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Rules & Guidelines


Use of Facility

  1. Unless otherwise arranged, reserved facilities will be available at the times stated on the contract. User group also agrees to abide by the times stated on the contract.
  2.  If for some reason the facility should become unavailable, we reserve the right to make a suitable substitution.
  3. User group will have access to one meeting space per each sleeping facility reserved. Additional space may be reserved for an extra fee. Impact 2818 reserves the right to assign spaces and to exempt spaces from use.
  4. Upon arrival, please check­-in at the on­site residence or camp office. During the check­-in process the group leader will inspect the facilities along with the retreat host/hostess. During this walk through the condition of the facility will be noted.
  5. Upon departure, the retreat host/hostess and the group leader will inspect the facilities. Retreat groups will be held liable for any damage that occurs to the facility during their stay. During this time, the retreat host/hostess will also collect the site evaluations and guest list, if not already turned in.
  6. Minimum capacities will apply where applicable.

Food Service

  1.  If the user group brings any meals, food, snacks, or beverages on the grounds, user group assumes all responsibility for storage, service, and liability. All food service areas are the responsibility of the group to clean.
  2. Dining Service through the camp or conference center must be contracted at least 14 days in advance.
  3. Details regarding use of the main dining hall at Epworth Forest Conference Center if your group is not purchasing meals or is staying in Freeland House (this does not apply to kitchens located within each of the lodges at Epworth).
  4. The minimum number of meals you can contract for is 20. Retreat groups will be contacted 7 days before their event for final meal count numbers; this needs to be within 5-10% of your final expected attendance, beyond that service may not be possible for all guests.
  5. Standard Meal times are Breakfast 8:00a, Lunch 12:00p, and Dinner 6:00p. Brunch is served at 10:00a when applicable. Modified meal times must be established on the invoice and may not be available at all times. All times are Eastern and may include Daylight Savings Time. Food quality is only guaranteed up to 15 minutes after established mealtimes.
  6. Groups may request a customized menu, however, there will be an additional per meal upcharge. This up charge will depend on the meal selections. This will allow us to make the special purchases needed to create a customized meal for our guests who request this service.
  7.  As much as possible Impact 2818 will accommodate requests for menu requests and special diets (such as vegetarian meals); as much advance notice as possible should be given and requests within a 3-week notice may not be able to be accommodated. Additional charges may be made if such accommodations require unique products or services.
  8. All menu requests and choices must be in the Impact 2818 office two weeks prior to the retreat date. Otherwise the Impact Staff will make all food choices and decisions.
  9. Children 3 & under are free, children 4­-6 are half price.


  1. Impact 2818 reserves the right to refuse service to anyone whose goals and philosophies are not compatible with our mission.
  2. User groups shall comply with all applicable laws, codes, and regulations.
  3. Groups shall provide Impact 2818 with a summary of the purpose of the program and a rough schedule of the activities for the event.
  4. The adult leadership of youth groups should be aware at all times of the whereabouts and activities of their youth. Leadership should remain in close proximity to youth at all times. Impact 2818 suggests a supervisory ratio of no less than one adult to eight youth.


Impact 2818 provides secondary insurance coverage for accidental injury and death. Guests assume primary responsibility for insurance.


  1. Our standard check­-in time is 4:00 pm and checkout is 12:00 pm (noon). An early arrival or late check out time must be arranged with the camp manager or hospitality manager of the site you are staying. Additional fees may apply to accommodate your request.
  2. Facility cleanliness is the responsibility of the group during their stay. Please leave the facility in a reasonable condition of cleanliness.
  3. Guest must provide their own towels and bedding in all facilities with the exception of the Waterfront Lodges, Freeland House, and Wesley House at Epworth Forest Conference Center (Custom Camp Pricing does not include linens in those facilities).
  4. For our facilities that provide linens and towels you will receive clean linens and towels after your third night.
  5. For groups and staff who are using our facilities for an extended time housekeeping will be checking facilities every week for updates as needed.
  6. User group will be expected to pay for all damages to facility and for any excess cleaning. This includes returning furniture to it original position.
  7. Children 3 & under are free. Children 4 & 5 are half price. All others are full price

General Policies

  1. User group agrees to abide by all written posted guidelines pertaining to use of Impact 2818 facilities.
  2. Group Leader shall be responsible for conduct of all persons on the premises for the reason of user group’s program. This includes financial responsibility for damage to any Impact 2818 property resulting from the actions of any such persons.
  3. The group Leader is responsible to make sure that all group participants are aware of these terms and conditions and that all participants comply with these terms and conditions.
  4. Multiple guest groups may be present on the site at the same time. Please respect the privacy of other groups. Please talk to the retreat host/hostess regarding any concerns as soon as they occur.
  5. Please observe all posted speed limits.
  6. Please park vehicles only in designated parking areas.
  7. All Impact 2818 campsites are smoke free environments. No smoking is allowed in facilities or on the premises. The evidence (physical evidence or the lingering smell of smoke) of smoking in our facility will result in an additional $250 cleaning fee added to the final billing.
  8. Violations of our strictly prohibited list will result in an additional fee of $100 added to the final bill. Evidence found on site after the group has left the grounds will constitute a violation and a fee will be assessed.

The Following Are Strictly Prohibited

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Tobacco Products
  • Controlled Substances
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Persons riding illegally on the exterior of any vehicle
  • Guns or any other type of weapon
  • Fireworks and Explosives
  • Pets are not allowed on premises. Certified Service Dogs accepted