Custom Camps

If you are planning a large-scale, multi-night event, the Custom Camp pricing model is the easy way to plan. Capacities for 75 up to 450.

  • Easy, upfront clarity on prices with confirmed per person rates covering it all
  • All meeting spaces and presentation technologies available are included
  • Program features, recreation spaces, and activities are included using our model of usage for Impact 2818 events

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Phone: (888) 628.2818

Overnight Lodging

Our 7 different sites have cabin and lodges with varying levels of amenities with capacities up to 365 beds. Some summer dates may still be available.

A minimum of 2 nights is required

Starting at $16.75 per person per night

Plus Pass

The Plus Pass is what makes planning easy. In a-la-carte pricing, an auditorium might be $1,000+ per day, plus production, and then you’ve got to estimate the number of guests to divide the costs over. With the Plus Pass, your meeting spaces, production needs, recreation activities and more are set on a per person rate depending on the available features and services at the site utilizing usage models comparable to our own events.

A minimum of 3 days is required

Starting at $15.25 per person per day

Dining Service

Dining services take the most difficult planning and implementation task off your worry list and provide delicious solutions. Our meals use standard times, and food service is available for up to the size of our camps.

Food service is a requirement of the Plus Pass

Meals start at (B)-$7.45, (L)-$8.45, & (D)-$9.45

Custom Camp Pricing Requirements

  • A minimum stay of at least 2 nights is required
  • The Plus Pass and Dining Services are required to use Custom Camp Pricing
  • You must have at least 40% of the camp’s capacity
  • In order to reserve exclusive use of the camp facility, 70% of the camp’s capacity (each site has different capacities) must be contracted
  • The Plus Pass is required for every day you are on site including partial days; a 3-night stay has 4 days of Plus Pass.
  • The Plus Pass gives your group use of features and spaces that match your group size and length of stay, giving you the same exciting activities our own program camps use
    • Use of group water features (pool/lake with lifeguards) once per guest per day
    • Use of all other activities/features once per guest per length of stay; two activity rotations max per day
    • Schedules must be attainable. Activities will not be opened for extended periods on a “come as you want” basis; schedules must be made in cooperation with the site and group leader to achieve realistic and serviceable standards.
    • Two features per each day of activity fee purchased
  • Our commercial kitchens are not available to be rented by user groups

Summer Openings

Custom Camp pricing can be used year round, but here are some of the prime summer season availability dates:

Camp Adventure
– Contact Us

Epworth Forest Conference Center
– Contact Us

Camp Indicoso
– May 29-June 11, 2022
– June 26-July 2, 2022

Camp Lakewood
– Contact Us

Moneto Camp & Retreat Center
– May 29-July 1, 2022
– July 6-17, 2022

Pine Creek Camp
– Contact Us

Camp Rivervale
– May 29-June 4, 2022