If you are interested in serving at camp, during the summer or any time of the year, we would be eager to talk with you about ways to serve. Please contact camp staff at any of the following sites: 

Volunteer Service Opportunities

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer in an area below, contact a Camp Manager from the pages below to see where your skills can be put to use today!

Volunteer Counselor

The Camp Counselor is the most pivotal relationship in a child’s spiritual development when they come to camp. Great speakers, keynotes, bands…they are cool for sure. But it’s the one-on-one investment that counselors are able to give that work through trust and discipleship that leads to life-changing experiences.

Will you play that role in a child’s life?

Become A Camp Counselor...


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Get Involved As A Counselor

At Impact 2818, most all of our camps rely on volunteer counselors. Over 1,000 volunteer counselors make the life changing experiences possible for the more than 3,000+ campers. Church leaders who want to participate in their student’s camp experiences DO NOT pay to attend our camps.

As a counselor, you will have the best week of your summer leading your campers through exciting activities, worshiping alongside them and sharing God’s love with them. Simply put, you spend a week “loving on kids.” In the same respect, you may also have the most difficult week of your summer as God makes you uncomfortable in your spiritual journey and stretches you to learn and grow. It’s absolutely unreal how exciting and eye-opening the experience is.

Counselor Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Follow the program (both spiritual and activities) set forth by the directors and event leadership team; lead in your role as part of a team of counselors
  • Be the embodiment of Christ to the students you will care for and lead
  • Maintain an environment that is spiritually, emotionally and physically safe
  • Display the characteristics, attitude and maturity of a positive Christian role model to everyone at camp
  • Provide spiritual mentorship to your students
  • Do everything possible to make sure that every camper is included, feels valued and has the best opportunity to have one of the greatest weeks of their life
  • Assist in all aspects of care (nourishment, hygiene, sleep, spiritual, safety, fun, etc.) for the students over which you are given charge

Counselor Registration

Our counselors are recruited and selected by each event’s team of volunteer directors.

If you have not yet spoken with a Site Manager or a specific event’s volunteer directors, please contact us.  Let us know the site and dates for which you are interested in volunteering.  The Site Manager will put you in touch with the Volunteer Directors to begin your application process.  Once you and the directors have found the perfect fit for your talents, they will ask you to click the links below and begin your registration process.

If you have already spoken with a Site Manager or Volunteer Director, and are ready to complete your Volunteer Registration, please click on the appropriate link below to begin your volunteer registration.  Please complete all steps, using your full legal name; and double check to be sure all your information is entered correctly on both the initial form and the second step that follows – the background check.  This will speed the approval process.

Step 1 – Registration

Volunteering at more than one event? Select all the events you’ll be at, and only complete the background check once!

Adult Volunteer Registration – Click Here (for those who are, or will be, 18 years old by the start of the event for which they are volunteering).

Minor Volunteer Registration – Click Here (to be completed by the minor’s parent/legal guardian, for those who are, or will be, ages 14-17 at the start of the event for which they are volunteering).  If the volunteer’s parent/legal guardian is also a volunteer, please use a different email address when possible.

Step 2 – (for adults 18+ only) MinistrySafe Background Check (check spam folder if you don’t see the email within 10 minutes)

See your unique link on your Step 1 confirmation email from Impact 2818, INUMC Camps <> with the subject line Impact 2818, INUMC Camps Background Questionnaire Notification. To volunteer, you must complete the Background Check Screening through that emailed link at least 3 weeks before your event begins.

Step 3 – Training (2 parts)

3.a MinistrySafe Awareness Training (check spam folder if you don’t see the email within 10 minutes)

You will also receive an email from with the subject line Awareness Training. This training should be completed at least one week before your first event.

3.b Teachable Training

In order to be better stewards of our time on-site before the campers arrive, we require that once every two years, every program volunteer (counselors, directors, jr. counselors, etc.) must complete the online training with Teachable prior to the start of camp.  Complete the at-your-own-pace course online at: at least 2 weeks prior to the start of your event.

Counselor Interest

If you haven’t been approved by a camp manager or director yet, but are interested in finding an event and team to join, send the camp manager of the site you would like to plug into a note from the links below.

Camp Adventure | Epworth Forest CC | Camp Indicoso | Camp Lakewood | Pine Creek Camp | Camp Rivervale 

Volunteer Event Directors

After you’ve gotten a chance to experience our camps, and you’ve hopefully found a lot in common with your church’s mission and our mission, you might consider becoming a director. The director helps lead programming for a week of camp and provides leadership to speaking, games, counselor recruiting/training, etc. Our year-round staff work hard to take all the messy and policy planning for you so you can simply focus on the spiritual and program.

More About Event Directors...

A Leadership Team’s Responsibilities are divided among four Directors and one Leader in Training. Each has an individual focus and set of responsibilities that is a crucial factor in the successful planning and execution of an awesome time at camp. To learn more in detail, please contact the Camp Manager at the site where you’re interested in directing.

  • Spiritual Director: The Spiritual Director is the “face of camp” to the campers and serves as an encourager, mentor, and fun presence in different venues throughout the week of camp. The Spiritual Director is the upfront person throughout the week of camp. He or she is the lead teacher and coordinates the teaching times and other speakers.
  • Logistics Director: The Logistics Director is the detail person who ties everything together, putting dreams to reality and getting things done. He or she communicates with the Camp Manager and holds the team accountable to deadlines. He or she creates and manages the week’s schedule.
  • Creative Director: It is the responsibility of the Creative Director to transform a teaching time into an overall interactive and encounter driven experience that engages all senses. He or she will coordinate the worship arts experience through the recruitment and oversight of a worship band.
  • Community Director: The Community Director is responsible for establishing and maintaining a positive, life-changing, Christian community. He or she will oversee counselor recruitment, registration, training, and daily meetings.
  • Leader in Training: Each team is asked to support a Leader in Training. The Leader in Training is someone Impact 2818 would like to bring on as a Director. Before joining or starting a team, potential leaders are asked to spend a year observing and learning from a successful veteran team. An essential function of the Leader in Training is to work with the Impact 2818 Social Journalist to provide content and connection to parents through the


Becoming a Director has many benefits, from quality, face-to-face time with your students to discounted retreat bookings. Check out a few of them below:

  • Build of the Kingdom of God in an exciting environment
  • Customize the camping experience for your students and build meaningful, lasting relationships with them through hands-on interaction
  • Network with other pastors and youth ministry professionals to learn, grow, and support one another
  • Grow personally and spiritually
  • Attend our annual director appreciation event in the fall with your family
  • Book personal spiritual retreat days for free and group retreats with a 25% discount at any Impact 2818 site

Volunteer Facilities & Maintenance

If you live within driving distance of one of the seven camps and love mowing lawns, plowing snow, fixing leaky faucets, maintaining vehicles, changing broken locks, repairing window screens, plumbing (etc.), your partnership and service can transform this ministry.

More About Facilities & Maintenance Volunteers...

With hundreds of buildings and thousands of acres, we need volunteer service partners who can work alongside our facilities team to put their skills toward maintaining these spaces for groups to use on discipleship and fellowship experiences.

Volunteer Retreat/Guest Host

Are you looking for a long-term mission investment? Each of the Impact 2818 sites would love to have an individual or family that will commit to playing a significant role within our teams to serve guests on their discipleship and fellowship journeys at our sites. Length of service is 3 months or more for at least two weekends out of each month.

More About Retreat Hosting...

If you have an RV, you could move on site to serve as a retreat host. If not, some of the sites have housing available where the retreat host can stay.

The role includes:

  • Setup and preparation in accordance with the guests goals and contract.
  • Continuous host while the group is on site.
  • Addressing any minor needs by providing resources and solutions as able.
  • Reporting any maintenance needs to the facilities team immediately.
  • Site shut down after the guests have departed to secure facilities and limit utility use.

Seasonal Employment Opportunities

More About Seasonal Camp Staff & Apply online...

The Right Bus

Our Mission: “We make disciples for Jesus Christ by nurturing transformational Christ-centered communities.”

We serve the local church by providing places, resources, and opportunities for people to encounter Christ and grow in their relationship with Him through the outdoors. Life Changing Experiences Start Here…we don’t always get to see the results of our work, but we trust that God is at work in the lives of our guests as they return to their faith communities to continue in discipleship.

The Right Person

An Authentic Disciple: First and foremost, we want our people to love Jesus and display a committed growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Servant’s Attitude: Demonstrate your love for Christ by serving others. Engage your desire to go above and beyond by exceeding the expectations of your guests.

Adaptable Learner: Be flexible, make quick decisions, and identify opportunities that need solutions.

Team Player: Serving at camp means long days and hard work. We look for energetic, positive-minded staff. Every staff participates in all aspect of camp regardless of title.

The Right Seat

Our staff positions include: facilities, food services, program (ropes, waterfront, etc.) communications, development/fundraising, hospitality, managers, administrations and more.

Are you the kind of person who wants to work behind the scenes to set the stage and remove obstacles to allow volunteers to focus on ministering to campers.

Do you recognize that hard work, preparation, and details will pave the way for successful ministry opportunities?

If these all sound right, you might be a good fit here.

Seasonal Camp Staff

This is the hands and feet of how ministry is possible here. Each camp has a team of paid staff that live on site throughout summer to facilitate everything that happens at camp. More than 100 staff are needed each summer across our sites. Roles include:

  • Waterfront Staff (lifeguards, boat drivers, etc.)
  • Adventure & Program Staff (Ropes, paintball, Nature, Wilderness, etc.)
  • Multimedia Storyteller (film, photography and writing/blogging)
  • A/V Production Staff (sound, lighting, video-control, etc.)
  • Medical Care
  • Kitchen and Food Service
  • Facilities and Grounds
  • Business Administration & Customer Service

Summer Staff FAQs

Q: Is there compensation for being a part of the team?
A: Yes, there are wonderful benefits to this job which include pay, housing, and our staff are fortunate enough to grab a meal from the dining hall when our campers and guests are eating.

Q: What is the time period I need to be available?
A: Training usually begins near the end of May and does vary at each camp location. Camps conclude at the end of July or beginning of August.

Q. What are the key qualities of a great summer staffer?
A. In addition to the qualities mentioned above….
Producer: Don’t be satisfied putting forth a single iota less than your absolute best and always find a way to get what must be done, done.

  • Aptitude for the Position: We’ve learned that sometimes the right people don’t always arrive with the skill set in place; they do however have an inherent potential for the position. (A person with no training in live audio but an excellent musicians ear may end up as a Sound Engineer. Or, someone with no leadership experience but the perfect outgoing and engaging personality may make a great Fun Engineer)
  • Organizational: Success is in the details. When leading activities you must ensure that facilities and supplies are ready on time. You’ll need to plan ahead and be ready with the backup plan.
  • Skilled Communicator: You’ll be interacting with volunteers, campers, parents & staff on a daily basis. You must be able to clearly communicate plans & instructions. You must also be able to listen to and understand others, giving or finding answers to meet their needs in a timely manner.
  • Innovative Self Starter: It takes many people doing a variety of tasks to make camp successful. You must be able to see what needs done, and step up and take the lead to get it done, encouraging and inspiring other staff.
  • Creative Thinker: You will have the opportunity to put your own personal touch on some activities and areas of camp. You must be able to demonstrate the ability to think outside the box, for both leading programs and problem solving.
Submit An Application Submit An Application

Year-Round Camp Staff

A great majority of our permanent staff hires are individuals who have worked through the ranks of our teams as counselors, summer staff, directors, and retreat clients that we have been able to work with time and time again. If you are interested in a potential career in camping and are starting out, we encourage you to not only volunteer or join our summer staff, but make your trajectory known so that you can be working towards building a skill set and history of effectiveness that can be beneficial in building a foundation to a career in camping.

More About Year Round Positions...

Year Round Positions

Currently, there are no open, year-round positions available.

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