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Camp Indicoso

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Epworth Forest Conference Center

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Pine Creek Camp

Middle School

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GET AWAY. Make Friends. Grow.

Summer camp is a great way for young people to get away from all the daily stressors of life and grow in an intentional way. Students develop deep friendships and are challenged to take a closer look at what they believe.

Each day, we share the transforming love of God in structured ways like worship and in organic ways through relationships and conversation. We see the entire experience as an opportunity to encounter God, who is still relevant in our everyday moments.

That Thing

2023 dates:

June 25-30 & July 2-7

That Thing is a summer conference-style camp for high school students to come together in pursuit of Christ. The experience blends fun activities with a focus on living out the message and hope of Christ.

Group leaders can register for their Lodge(s) beginning December 5 and 6. Individuals signing up for Campus House can register beginning January 15.

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Youth Camp FAQ

What about laundry, cell phones, and spending money?

There is no laundry at camp, so make sure to pack everything you think you’ll need! Most youth camps have a no-cell phone policy. That Thing campers are an exception to the policy. Merchandise is available for purchase at check-in on the first day, and That Thing campers may want to bring spending money for snacks.

What if I have a kid with special dietary/medical needs?

Please feel free to contact us before signing up if you have concerns about the level of care your camper may need while at camp.

We offer a standard menu and do not offer celiac or vegetarian menus at this time. If your camper has doctor-directed dietary meal concerns, please contact the Camp Manager at your camp location to make arrangements for sending food to supplement our menu. Any meals sent to the camp for your camper will require a doctor’s note explaining the needs and allergy. We do not prepare raw foods from home—only ready-to-warm meals.

Does it cost extra to do activities?

No, it does not cost extra. All activities are included in the cost of summer camp.

What do students need to bring to camp?

Each camper will get an email with a packing list for their particular camp. You’ll want to make sure they pack a sleeping bag/bedding, pillow, modest & weather-appropriate clothing, water bottle, clothes for being outside at night (i.e., jeans and long-sleeve shirt), rain gear, tennis shoes, flip flops for showers, toiletries, towels (shower and beach), one-piece swimsuit, sunscreen, bug repellant, flashlight, Bible, pen & paper, money for merchandise, etc.

What is the dress code?

Camp is a place to focus on God. In an effort to reflect Christ, we ask that everyone dress and behave in a modest way. Please leave the following items at home: speedos, midriff shirts, skin-tight short shorts, low-cutting tops, strapless tops or dresses, revealing two-piece bathing suits, and any item depicting violence, drugs, or course language or imagery. If you are wearing something or acting in a way that is impacting the experience of those around you negatively, you will be asked to address the situation.

How do you keep my kid safe?

We prioritize whole-person safety for all campers. We thoroughly vet and train staff and volunteers, closely monitor activities, and foster a healthy emotional and spiritual environment where kids are valued and protected. Learn more about our safety approach and protocols.

Is there any way to stay in touch?

Yes! You can send your children mail and email. You’ll receive more information in your info packet and will also get a flyer at check-in with more details. Depending on volunteer photographer availability, photos may be posted throughout the week.