That Thing

Missional High School Event

That Thing is a summer conference-style camp for high school students to come together in pursuit of Christ, so that the Love of God would flow out into their communities. This is not spring break with a little bit of Christ sprinkled in and it’s not bible boot camp either. That Thing finds the place in the middle. This is preparation & sending. It engages students into a deep pursuit of the heartbeat of our Creator as they pursue reconciliation, justice, and discipleship through small groups, corporate worship, and personal devotion encounters. Fun activities like camp wide games, the waterfront, and The Park help to foster community and play. Through it all though, is a central focus on the message and hope of Christ being lived out through each person at camp, so that they can learn how to live it out beyond camp.

2020 Dates:  June 14-19   |   June 21-26   |   June 28-July 3   |   July 5-10

Group Tickets for That Thing Group Tickets for That Thing


Sunday Schedule

  • 3:15p – Check in Begins
  • 4:00p – That Thing Kickoff
  • 5:00p – Camp Wide Pizza Party
  • 6:00p – Greatest Hour Games
  • 7:00p – Get Settled In Lodges
  • 8:30p – Evening Worship

Monday-Thursday Schedule

  • 8:00a – Coffee Time / Leader Round Table
  • 8:30a – Morning Watch
  • 9:00a – Breakfast
  • 9:45a – Active Labs
  • 11:15a – Worship Session
  • 1:00p – Lunch & Small Groups
  • 2:15p – Mission Lab
  • 2:45p – Parks & Rec
    • 2:45-4p Water Park
    • 4p – The Park
    • 4:30p – The Rec Park
    • 4:30 – Greatest Hour Games
  • 5:00p – Learning Labs
  • 6:00p – Dinner
  • 7:30p – Parks & Rec
  • 9:00p – Evening Worship

Friday Schedule

  • 8:00a – Coffee Time / Leader Round Table
  • 9:00a – Breakfast
  • 9:45a – Empty Lodges/Load Up
  • 10:00a – Final Session
  • 10:30a – Departure



Group Tickets

Leaders, bring all the students from your local faith community and share your lodge with just the individuals you want to be in it. As their leader, you can completely customize the experience to exactly what your students and leaders need.

[group ticket info]

Individual Tickets

For students who are coming from churches that aren’t booking an entire lodge or who want a camp experience where everyone is new to each other, individual tickets include everything from lodging to meals to counselors.


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