Through Fun And Meaningful  EXPERIENCES

Our desire is to share God’s transforming love with every camper and guest. We welcome people of all backgrounds and faiths to join us for a rejuvenating time away.

GET AWAY. Transform.

Camp is a unique chance to get away from daily distractions and focus on what matters. Through beautiful locations, exciting activities, and intentional relationships, campers and guests are encouraged to reflect, grow, and amplify their impact in the world.


It’s hard to be intentional with so many daily distractions. Kids 8-18 spend over 7 hours a day consuming media—and the stats are similar for adults. By getting outside, engaging in challenges, and taking time to reflect, campers and guests experience a different level of personal development.


Camps and retreats are an intentional way to grow closer to God—wherever you’re at on the journey. Many kids commit their lives to Christ at summer camp and decide to make their faith their own. We see the entire experience as an opportunity to encounter God, who is still relevant in our everyday moments.


Partner with Local Churches.

We encourage church members of all ages to dive into the camp experience together—from volunteering to sponsoring scholarships. When churches spend time at camp, the encouraging community built there lasts long after the summer is over.

Create a safe environment.

We prioritize whole-person safety for all campers. We thoroughly vet and train staff and volunteers, keep activities safe, and foster a healthy emotional and spiritual environment where kids are valued and protected.

Cultivate beautiful locations.

Each of our seven locations is intentionally designed for a unique experience with age-specific activities. Retreat accommodations vary from cabins to large conference centers—all in beautiful, natural settings.

About Our Name

Impact 2818 represents our goal and purpose.

Matthew 28:18-20 is the Great Commission, where Christ’s followers are sent into the world to share God’s transforming love. Our desire is to leave a legacy with each generation we encounter, that they would impact this world for the sake of Christ.

A Faith-based camp For Everyone

For the past 90 years, the INUMC and its predecessors have invested millions to make camps accessible and available for over one million kids and families. They recognize the importance and value of a safe space outside the confines of a congregation or denomination. They underwrite around 20% of all our programs and facilities. For their backing, we are grateful.

Annual Report